Smart-ID is a smart way to identify yourself

Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account and access e-services.

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Register an account using Mobile-ID, ID-card or by visiting a bank office.

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Did you know?

  • What authentication methods can be used for registering Smart-ID account?

    For online identification: In Estonia, you can apply for Smart-ID electronically using your ID-card or Mobile-ID. In Latvia you can apply for Smart-ID electronically using your ID-card or you can use internet bank link identification (PIN calculator, code card) if you want to apply for a Smart-ID Basic account. In Lithuania, you can apply for Smart-ID electronically using your ID-card or Mobile-ID or you can use internet bank link identification (PIN calculator, code card) if you want to apply for a Smart-ID Basic account. Identification in bank offices: take your national ID document with you and visit your local Swedbank or SEB bank office.

  • How to continue using online bank and other e-service after entering Smart-ID PIN code?

    When authenticating or signing transactions in e-services with Smart-ID, you will get a notification in the Smart-ID app asking you to enter your PIN code. After you have entered the PIN code, the Smart-ID app stays on the screen. To continue using the same e-service, just tap on a very small arrow pointing back, which appears in the top left corner of the screen. Tapping on the arrow or on the text will send you right back to the previous screen.

  • What actions can I do in Smart-ID customer service points?

    In customer service points you can apply for or delete a Smart-ID account. Smart-ID customer service points are:

Smart-ID in active numbers


Smart-ID users in total


transactions last month


transactions yesterday


Smart-ID replaces code card login for banks. With Smart-ID, you can access your online bank accounts and other e-services safely and securely from any smart device you want.

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Using Smart-ID is secure and safe

Your personal data is always protected even if you lose your phone. It is much safer than using code cards as no one can get access to your information!

Easy, fast and comfortable access to e-services

Using Smart-ID is easy: all you need is your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. The process is simple and fast and will allow you to access e-services within seconds.


Estonia readying Smart-ID digital identity system

Estonia’s certification authority Certification Centre plans to launch a new digital authentication app for mobile identification in government services.

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Android, iOS secure ID: Estonia says it’s taking digital authentication to new levels

Estonia rolls out its new Smart-ID digital identity system, which is not dependent on a SIM card and can be used around the world.

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Margus Holland

LHV Bank - Head of Digital Banking

Using Smart-ID for customer authentication doubled the number of monthly new users in our mobile bank. We are very satisfied with Smart-ID regarding both the ease of technical integration, as well as convenient user experience of the application. This mindset is supported by our internet and mobile banking clients from whom already 25% are using the possibilities of Smart-ID.

Erik Mell

LeapIN - CEO & Co-founder

Running your business with LeapIN can be easily managed using Smart-ID. For our customers, Smart-ID is an important login alternative to e-Residency ID card in case customer uses a device where ID-card software isn’t set up.



Biometric registration method launched

Users can now verify their accounts by scanning their documents.

State support for Smart-ID

All Estonian state services have full Smart-ID support and Smart-ID is used for age verification in Latvia.

Cloud signing

Adobe Sign cloud signing services now have Smart-ID support.

3 000 000 users reached


Secure authentication recognised

Smart-ID authentication schema was evaluated as „level high“ in Estonia and Smart-ID support is added to all state services.

2 000 000 users


Digital signatures

Becoming certified as QSCD means that signatures given with Smart-ID have the same legal standing as handwritten ones across European Union.

Breakthrough of the Year

Smart-ID wins ITL’s Breakthrough of the Year and reaches 1 000 000 users.


Smart-ID launch

Our app reaches 300 000 users in the first year.

Prestigious awards

Smart-ID wins Service of The Year from Lithunian Industry Confederation and Silver in Estonian Design awards.